Help Me Help Others


Help Me Help Others

I can still remember as a small child (farm girl) how exciting it was to get a new outfit (fancy frills). It was even more exciting when I got to put it on for the very first time! However, I also remember that it rarely happened. Growing up in the 80's was a tough time for any small farmer, and that did not exclude my dad. I got to witness how hard he worked at something he was so passionate about. Not only that, but I also go to witness how he never complained even when having to take on farming and a full time job to make ends meet. Even though my dad never said anything to me directly, I knew he was feeling hopeless and lost during this very tough time in his life. However, that never stopped my dad from reaching out to others. Even during his own struggles, he would still be the one to give you his last dollar and smile doing so! "Thanks Dad" for teaching me that it is more of a blessing to give than to receive!

This Is Where Your Help Comes In...

I want to help those that need help! Often times, we might think that giving only comes in the form of cash donations, but that is not true! You can give by helping me help others. Do you see someone in need? I would love to have the opportunity to brighten someone's day during a rough time in their life. Please reach out to me at

Let's Work Together To Make Someone Smile!