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In September of 2013, I finally found a true best friend. We had went to the same school since Kindergarten, but it wasn’t until I was a sophomore in high school and they were a junior in high school that we ever really crossed paths. Something about them stood out to me. I loved that they were genuine. I loved that they were funny. But most of all, I loved that they farmed. Something about their lifestyle was appealing to me. I loved riding in their old farm truck (yes even with the dog), I loved learning the ins and outs of farming (even when I felt totally stupid), and I especially loved checking cows (even though I am a terrible count)! It was little moments like these that I enjoyed the most with my best friend. It was these moments that made me realize how passionate I am about farming and cows! That’s why, my junior year of high school, I bought two lil’ heifer calves. One as a gift to celebrate my best friend graduating high school, and the other to start my best friend and I’s very own herd. Once Miss Gabbee was weaned from the bottle, she happily joined the other cows on my best friend’s farm. Watching her grow was so much fun for me (even if she was a little pest to them)! Then, before I knew it, Gabbee had her very first calf! I couldn’t have been more proud!

Fast forward one year later, and here we are again! Miss Gabbee calved a day after Thanksgiving and two days before a huge blizzard hit (perfect timing...). Except this time was different, I didn’t have my best friend by my side celebrating our new addition to the herd. In early August, my best friend and I split ways. This has been one of the hardest trials that I have faced yet. Frustrated, angry, and confused, I just wanted to make all of the memories we created together disappear, but Miss Gabbee (and God) had a different plan. That day after Thanksgiving, Miss Gabbee gave me the best gift I could have asked for…a little heifer that I named Glory. Not only is Miss Glory the start to my very own herd, but she is also what helps keep my memories alive. Even the slightest little glance at her causes all of the memories to come rushing back. Memories that I thought I wanted gone have now become memories that I will hold on to and cherish forever. I often find myself just sitting in the pasture staring at lil’ Glory while all of the rides in the old farm truck and all of the lil’ farming lessons I was taught replay in my head. It is because of Glory that I will continue to reminisce on all of the awesome, amazing memories. It is because of Glory that my friendship with my best friend will live on forever.

So what I am trying to say is, make sure and keep your memories alive! Not just memories from 2018, but memories from years prior! Remember the good, the bad, and the ugly…don’t ever wish your memories away! And as we go into 2019, my wish for you is that God will bless you with a Glory! Whatever your Glory may be…I hope that it helps you to remember and reminisce on all of the awesome, amazing memories that you have created along your journey.

From Gabbee, Glory, and I…HAPPY 2019!

Alexx McKenna
Always A Farm Girl

This blog is dedicated to my best friend. Although you may not be by my side, not a day goes by that I don’t think about you. Thank you for letting me be a small part of your farming journey, thank you for helping me discover my passion, but most importantly, thank you for being one of my very best friends!

This blog is also dedicated to Miss Glory! Thank you for keeping my memories alive! I can’t wait to create so many more memories with you along the way!




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Love this adventure you are remembering. Keep those memories. Memories keep you moving, and growing as an individual, and love where this life is taking you......
Love you and your story! Stay strong
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