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As a proud momma here I have to brag on my oldest daughter! Alexx McKenna has a drive and passion that is explosive. I can describe her as a person in love with the outdoors, hunting, and her cows. She has been working 20 hours a week and often times more to be my right hand man, behind the camera, and at times in front of the camera, not to mention my blog lady of late all while in her senior year of nursing school. With over 100 college hours under her belt and a schedule that overflows she has managed to get yet another 4.0 this semester (yes, even with pharmacology...Uggg). If you ask her the trick to keeping it all together....her answer would be her cows! I'm sure she won't be too happy with seeing this post but I can't help but feel so moved by seeing her this week sitting in the pasture with a warm drink and her study materials while preparing for her finals. Your drive and passion for life even while overcoming obstacles and heartache at times amazes me. As your mom, Alexx, CONGRATULATIONS. Keep God in your heart and your cows in your life and your pasture will always stay green! LOVE YOU! - Mom


Shelly Angle

The Head Farm Girl

Alexx Mckenna's Momma:)


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