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I can still remember as a small child (farm girl) how exciting it was to get a new outfit (fancy frills).  It was even more exciting when I got to put it on for th every first time!  However, I also remember that it rarely happened. 

Down Home Comfort Food "The Farm Girl Way"
Straight From The Head Farm Girls Kitchen

You may not appreciate our unsolicited advice, but Andee and I tossed together three tips that we think will help you discover happiness and joy this holiday season!


Alexx McKenna

As a proud momma here I have to brag on my oldest daughter! Alexx Mckenna has a drive and passion that is explosive. I can describe her as a person in love with the outdoors, hunting, and her cows.

A Note From The Head Farm Girl

Born and raised in a small rural community in Missouri, I knew what hard work and dedication meant. My dad was a farmer and my mom was a stay at home farm wife. Working from sun up to sun down was all I knew.