Come Check Us Out After Hours

Hi, my name is Shelly, the head Farm Girl here at Farm Girls Fancy Frills. A large amount of my time goes to buying, selling, and shipping boutique style fashion but when I'm not working, I can most likely be found spending time on OUR FARM!

You may wonder what the story behind our name and logo is...Farm Girls Fancy Frills? THAT'S EASY! I was born and raised as a farm girl and continue to live on a hobby farm with my husband and two of our three children today. This is where my passion lies, BUT I've also always had a love for fashion that goes along with fun! I want women to know it's ok to go from the muck boots and barn to something cute, comfy, and stylin' at a reasonable price. So from our little farm with two girls that have a little bit of fancy frills and a whole lotta farm girl in them, and my son who has his own farm raising black Angus cattle...Welcome! And yes you may have guessed it, the WHY behind our name:)